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Sonia did not have pups yet, wanted to go to Orlendo in December 2015. She won BRT owner handler class so I`m glad I went. She will be breed in Oct 2016 when she comes into season. She and the dad have completed all their health tests. Sonia has compleated her AKC Champion and UKC Champion title. I am very proud of her and look forward to showing her as a Champion.Champion Ebonies Pride Nana Ares-- finished with winners bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite.  NJ 9-7-13 Had a great time in NJ, saw a lot of my BRT friends, am trying to download a group pix from the show.   I can give my puppy people as ref- if you want to contct them. Will be in the Meadowlands area for the Norhhern NJ BRT dog show on end of May 2015  --boy still available- feel free to call-  cell is 601-466-8883   Puppies due November 5th go to new litters to see mom & dad!! FLASH-- Nika has finished her AKC GRAND CH, handled "only" by her breeder and owner, her mom June is very proud of her. Summer of 2011, Kris is 10 now and has been retired from his show carear. Way to go Kris. He is now an official couch potato and loves it. Kris has earned his UKC Champion Weight pull finishing with  most weight pull at that show. April 10,2010  Kris pulled 4050# in 8.9 seconds, he almost to his 100 points for a Ch wt pull title. For the year 2009 in UKC Nika was #1 BRT  Kris was #2 BRT and Kara was #5 BRT   Kris took a ""BEST IN SHOW""  weekend 3-30-08 I am not very good at computers, and I have finelly found a server I hope gets me in here easier. I will be adding new pix of the kids, hopefuelly, without problems. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my gang. I have posted new wins further down the page. I am very proud of their wins this year and of their owners who have put so much love in their dogs to accomplish such great wins. All my puppy owners are GREAT!  Thank You. All our BRT are raised in the house with basic training started before they leave for their new home. Socialization is the number two priority in raising puppies. The number one is health. I have been raising and training BRT since 1994, since than I have seen a big change in the importance of the breed. When we went AKC the popularity of the breed has gone up. Many people have taken advantage of the of this and have lost the importance of breeding BRT`s.   Going back in history of the breed, when first developed in Russia, the size of the dog was not important. Intelligence, health, endurance, guarding instinct,robust and well Balanced was very important. Going back in research you will see the size of the original 3 dogs use. Roy -Giant Schnauzer was 24.4 inches height. Two Rottie bitches originally used--Una  23.6 inches 70.5# & her sister Urma 24 inches around 68#. in 1952, Haiter, son of Roy & Sotta was  24.8 inches weighing in at 75#.His sister Hija was 24 inches weight 57#.They were more concerned about a robust look with heavy bone. Some people have become more concerned about breeding tall dogs, rather than healthy and well balanced. The average price of a BRT   $2500

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